Equality – The Old Socialist Lie!

Who defines what “equality” is? And how does it get implemented? Will it work? It hasn’t yet. Other countries have tried to no avail. Marius Forte joins Joe to discuss the issue today. Call in or join us in the chatroom.

One comment

  • Never in history has Marxist policy increased the standard of living for a nation. As a matter of fact it has greatly reduced it—every single time. So Mr. Progressive, begin your tirade—history still says you’re a lunatic to believe somehow, this time Marxist policy will be successful.
    And the next anti reason statement from the Progressive will be that Obama is not a Marxist. Feel free to look up the definition of Marxism. From each according to ability—to each according to need. Like ACA—where one who earns more supplements with higher premiums for one who does not. And attempted takeover of means of production. Demanding businesses follow this proposed policy or that one for the “inequality” of pay on whatever victim they choose for that week.
    Marxism. Exactly the above. And with continued implementation we will continue to plummet. As it was once said: “Eventually you run out of other peoples’ money.” Obama’s entire agenda was to take from the producer and give to the non producer. That’s what he has done since day one. And we have an entire youth that is fine with it—as long as they have enough for a shack and bottle of vodka. And pretty soon the rest of us will look like Russia as well.
    I predict total economic collapse in my fiction followed by tyranny. Not because I’m a sage, but because I based my work on this wonderful professor known as History. And the thing with this lecturer is he tends to repeat himself on the podium.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE