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Conservatism Contrasted with Obama’s Policy Failures

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AP award winning columnist Richard Larsen is President of Larsen Financial, a brokerage and financial planning firm in Pocatello, Idaho, and is a graduate of Idaho State University with a BA in Political Science and History and former member of the Idaho State Journal Editorial Board. He can be reached at rlarsenen@cableone.net.


  1. Rick, although I agree with all you’ve said, I have to admit that I wasn’t aware this Administration even has a policy other than the goal of bringing our magnificent nation to her knees….& what better place to start than the economy. I have to work to make my checking account balance & I can see the fallacy of his actions….demoralize & deprive….

    • Jan, as always, you’ve made an astute observation. I believe you’re correct, that crediting “The One” with having any viable policy is untenable. Who would’ve thought that we’d ever see a “president” govern so ideologically by the seat of his pants. Thank you for your correction! 🙂