Round ‘Em Up! They’re Illegal!

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  • I am utterly amazed…

    I read thru the comments after reading the article and there wasn’t one SINGLE mention of THE law of the land. THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND!!!

    I’m sorry, Joe. I agree with you in principle but in reality it is the government that has been breaking the LAW! Not the Bundys.

    Show me, (ANY OF YOU!!), in the Constitution, WHERE the Federal Government has the authority to own any land except that which is being used for the enforcement of the First Principles as stated in the Declaration of Independence? And the Capitol Property that is DC. Show me. Show me where in the Constitution, THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND, that the Federal Government has the Authority to establish the BLM! Or any of the Alphabet Soup Administrative Bureaucracy that makes up 80% of our Government; A representative government that WE the PEOPLE have no representation IN! When was the last time YOU voted for the head of the BLM? I know I never have!!!

    There is a phrase in Article VI, Clause 2 of the Constitution; “…made in pursuance thereof…”. This Clause is sometimes called the Supremacy Clause and it is twisted, folded, bent, spindled, and mutilated into saying the laws of the United States are the Supreme Law of the land – but THAT is NOT so. Only the Constitution and the laws and treaties of the United States that are “MADE IN PURSUNCE THEREOF;” this Constitution is the Supreme law of the land. This Clause further states that all judges in every state are bound to administer justice with these laws, yet “…any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwith-standing”!!! EVEN Amendments added to this Constitution that are not made in pursuance thereof or that are Contrary to this Constitution ARE TO BE IGNORED BY THE JUSTICES OF EVERY STATE!! THAT means the IRS and the 16 Amendment, which ARE indeed contrary in so many ways to the Constitution AND our First Principles as stated in the Declaration of Independence!

    Bundy probably does owe money to the County. But he does NOT owe it to the BLM! Bundy is doing exactly what ALL of us should be doing to this OWTLAW government – Nullification! We are not going to obey unlawful laws!!

    And in all of that I have not mentioned how the Federal Government was to turn the BLM lands over to the States LONG AGO. The Same treaty signed by the States of North and South Dakota with the Feds was signed by many of the Western States. The Dakotas HAVE their formerly Federal lands but not the rest of the western States! NOT Nevada! If you look at map of BLM land there is almost NONE east of the line along the borders of Montana and the Dakotas yet the States West of that line are covered with BLM lands. These lands belong to the various states and they are being denied the resources and property taxes of those lands BECAUSE the Federal Government refuses to honor its treaty.

    WHO is breaking the LAW here?

    Yes we are a nation of laws and we should all obey and uphold lawful laws made in accordance to our Constitution. BUT for the very reason that we must uphold these laws and the Constitution we must also put down unlawful laws made and enforce by our out-of-control Administrative Bureaucratic GOVERMENT.

    My final thought;

    “WE the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union…” do hereby grant the Government of the United States the authority to govern Us, we the people, by this CONTRACT, this Constitution! HAS the Federal Government HONORED this Contract? Does it NOW honor it?

  • Well, Joe, I can’t let you stay out in the arid Nevada desert by yourself….We are a Nation of Law and I’ve found none that is tagged “follow only if you agree”. LAW is the saving grace that makes our Nation exceptional…and keeps us from chaos.

    I certainly have a combination of admiration & sympathy for Bundy and other ranchers. I am comforted by their determination to maintain our freedom from an over reaching government….Yet, troubled at the ‘mob mentality’ it created…I fear many in BLM actually ‘hoped’ it would escalate into a physical display…..This administration has us sitting on the proverbial powder keg…If it explodes Syria will look like a walk in the park…

    The LAW is the LAW, the rest of the known ‘facts’ vary from story to story. When all are combined it strongly indicates that he (Bundy) was not in compliance and that is his choice and an understandable one…It seems he paid user fees to Clark County (who hold the deed) and it was when he was required to pay BLM with only 20% going to County that he rebelled.

    There are a number of conservative, small government candidates that ‘want’ to go to DC & make a difference. These candidates are on the whole under funded and would be grateful for support….putting them in office is the way we can stop this insanity. There are an abundance of Harry Reids out there just waiting their turn..IF we let them.

    Laws are for all Americans & even sorta ones like Obama…let’s use a full court press & use them to OUR advantage…

    PS Joe I read the entire article, including the by line : )

  • Joe Messina certainly has a right to his opinion about the Bundy’s fight for the land they have used for the last 140 yrs, and I have no idea why Mr. Bundy has refused to pay grazing fees. And even so, why is the BLM involved. Do the fees go to the BLM? It seems he has some dispute on who he really owes the fees to. He says he will pay the fees to Clark County Nev., not the BlM. I have little or no opinion on whom or who he owes the fees to.

    What we have here is much bigger issue than a turtle or the Bundy grazing fees. What we have here is an overreach by the federal govt. to ruin small business to promote their political agenda.It’s happening all over the country. People came from all over the country,some armed, to see this didn’t happen. The BLM backed down. This land grab effects all Americans, not just the Bundy’s.
    Isn’t it also interesting that the BLM attempted the cover-up of Sen. Reid/Chinese gov’t takeover of ranch for solar farm That’s why the BLM was rounding up the cattle for removal from the land. A contract which would make Reid’s son a rich man.

    • Oscar, I usually dont reply to these but as I stated below. We need to fight back on these things the Gov is over the top. But we also need to follow the law if we want Obama to.

  • You misrepresent the facts, sir. It might well have been Obama or one of his stooges who wrote the article. In fact, it appears that it was indeed one of his stooges who wrote the piece.

    • I dont know where your IQ level is at sir and basic comprehension. HOWEVER with that said Ill try one last time. If you are upset that Obama doesnt follow court orders and laws, Then you need to be understand that the rancher needs to follow as well BUT AGAIN, the way the government is handling this is WAY over the top. Ill give you a whiel to digest.

      • I agree with you 100%. My reply was to the writer of the article. Your response was not even visible to me. CDI is playing tricks on it’s readers. So we know whose side CDI is on.

          • Unfortunately, CDI is not showing the article in question. The only thing in question now is my IQ. We’ll let it go at that. As for CDI, you just attempted to change my home page to your website. That’s a definite no no.