Our Private Religious and Public Political Beliefs – Politics Is Not A Religion

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  • “Do not speak with your mouth of your faith, Let your actions speak of it instead.” Not sure where I heard that yet it it seems appropriate. I don’t know about others but I’ve always felt if you had to explain or sell me on how strong your personal faith is ,perhaps I would be wise to have some doubts….

    Christians believe that we ‘serve’ Our Lord through service to others…(that’s opposite of ‘self-service”) Many of our ‘politicians’ seem to ignore this. Hmph, next time I speak with a candidate, I’ll just ask him or her, ..”What does it mean to ‘serve’? Wound that include even those voters that disagree with you?’

    Do I always agree with the Love of my Life? Not hardly!! I have learned that if I ease off of my stand, even though I’m right, that he does too. And often I ‘get’ more than I ‘give’….leaving my opinion and self respect in tact…And allowing him to also feel good. BOTH of us can move forward undamaged … And no one has to sleep on the couch….

  • Politics may not be a religion but our laws must be based on the morality given to us by God. Man is incapable of creating, transcending and fostering the continuation of moral law without God. Man is too greedy, self-serving, arrogant, prideful and power hungry to maintain moral law without God. We are morally bankrupt without the Holy Spirit and God’s laws. That is why only a limited government works for freedom. Nations with over-reaching bureaucracies are beasts and killing machines. We have become more evil and not better people because we allow evil man to legislate laws that allow the corrupt to govern.