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Obama Requests $1.1B for Gun Control – and does it wrong

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  1. I would not give one thin dime more for gun control unless and until they prosecute current gun crime. They can begin with Fast and Furious. Next, they can prosecute those who are not qualified to legally purchase arms, but attempt to do so and are denied.

  2. Richard. I love your list. Short. To the point and chock full of COMMON SENSE!

    Item 1 – the use of psychotropics – the top selling antidepressant in the WORLD is Abilify – 6.5 billion dollars last year!

    These drugs induce depression, aggressiveness, and suicide and they induce mass shootings!

    If this is not one of the deliberate tools of our progressive COMMUNIST enemies then it certainly is one they are taking advantage of. Nothing like a bunch of depressed psycho- malevolants as “evidence” that the government should just take over everything and suspend all of our Unalienable rights!

    It is MADNESS I tell you. Drug companies are LAWLESS. They make so much money that when caught, they just pay the fine and keep right on breaking the Law! And the medical community is the Rube!! But it is the ultra design of the Elitists who view themselves as the “Natural Superiors” (to quote Karl Marx) of mankind and they must use every deception they can to entice us into slavery – serfdom!

    We talk a lot about what the government is doing and what its Just Role is but we spend far less time talking about the role of Society in shaping how we as a free people should act. We talk about the “happy” side of freedom – individual liberties. But we very seldom talk about the burden side of Freedom – individual responsibility! Liberals Hate this discussion and people become liberals because the term doesn’t exist in Liberal-Speak; no one is responsible for anything in collectivism!

    IF we intend to stay free we MUST be MORAL!

    Drugs – from marijuana to Abilify – destroy the human ability to thinks and judge righteousness! That isn’t a religious term. Drugs reduce a critical though process to vain, baseless, rationalizations where TRUTH simply does NOT exist! It is NO coincidence that the rise of liberalism coincides with the use of drugs over the last 200 years!