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3 thoughts on “Obama And Holder Vindictive And Dangerous

  1. captain*arizona

    president obama now hillary 2016 then first latina president doesn’t look like any amnesty for republicans either!

  2. Jerry T

    Chris our only window to anything that even remotely resembles news is biased and acutely slanted. As I said that is the “Only” thing that our media regurgitates is agenda driven trite bits and bites. They deem this as worthy news. Fox reports news in an unbiased way but a lot of this is stick on the part of the hosts like Hannity or O’Rielly. One has a massive ego and the other would be friends with the devil if it made his point. Then it becomes so repetitive that you contemplate the bridge, cliff or window when you listen beyond ten minutes.

    Obama and holder are just the message boys for handlers who deplore the American way and our strength of people. They milk the “Plantation” method for now to screw our nation. They keep the blacks on them and they lie to the world that “The Ol White Man” still owns them. Our President and the Attorney General are rampant racists and the fools who elected them are blind to all of it. You can’t fix stupid nor can you preach to a choir over stocked with dip shits.

    The American voter needs to take a one question test to be able to vote. “What three colors are on the American Flag?” You get it wrong then you import them to Nigeria where life safety and honesty are two key facts of importance to their form of government.

  3. Jan Brown

    These two sorry excuses are exploding nukes and the fallout is going to bury us unless we (all)value our freedoms enough to fight for them. I certainly hope that Reagan was wrong about the next generation since we are smack dab in the middle of it!!! Parents of all ages might want to grab that hickory stick & start parenting…

    Oh, I dunno, maybe both had such an abusive childhood that left them void of ‘self-esteem” (hear that excuse alot these days) Now they’ve done a 380* & are mini Machiavelians…

    Guess until we get them gone I’ll hold my Bible & 2nd Amendment extra close.

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