Liberal Worry: A Good Thing for the Good Guys

By | April 22, 2014

Look, ma, the liberals are crying.

Why are they crying, Timmy?

Because America isn’t buying their crap anymore.

We don’t use language like that, Timmy.

Regardless of your choice of words, I came across a poll today that I think Timmy summarizes correctly, and it’s worth a mention because you’re not likely to see it mentioned elsewhere.

Ben Dreyfuss, writing in Mother Jones, that paradise of leftist ideologists who think they’re smarter than you, posted about an Associated Press-GfK Public Affairs poll and said the following:

According to a new poll, 51 percent of Americans do not believe in the Big Bang. Fifty-one percent of Americans are wrong.

Forty-two percent of Americans are not falling for this “evolution” mumbo jumbo. They too are wrong.

Thirty-seven percent of Americans are not convinced that humans are causing global warming. Wrong.

Thirty-six percent of Americans are not buying this whole “the Earth is 4.5 billion years old” thing. Wrong wrong.

Fifteen percent of Americans are unsure that vaccinations are safe and effective. Wrong wrong wrong.

Have a nice day.

Actually, Ben, I am having a nice day over this, because this poll reveals a big problem the left may have to contend with: Americans aren’t buying their crap anymore.

And if America is starting to doubt the left, the left is doomed.

This article was posted on Facebook by one of my liberals friends (everybody needs one!) and some of his liberal friends reacted in such a way that, I think, deep down, they came to the same conclusion as I. They’re worried about these numbers.


Let’s look at the major points of the poll, as some of them (the age of the earth and vaccinations) do not belong in this discussion. I’m going to combine the first two into one since they’re part of the same argument:

According to a new poll, 51 percent of Americans do not believe in the Big Bang. Forty-two percent of Americans are not falling for this “evolution” mumbo jumbo.

The left has been trying to convince the world for over 50 years that God is dead. Why? Because a God that demands accountability prevents humans from practicing the religion of “if it feels good, do it” and all that entails. Examples will occur to you, but we know that the compromised values and general debauchery of our society stems from the early days of the “God is Dead” argument. If there is no God, what we do doesn’t matter, since we’re all going back to dust anyway. Now, I won’t get into the specifics of arguing for evolution or the Big Bang. As an advocate of intelligent design, I don’t believe we crawled out of primordial ooze, but that we were indeed created as-is, but there have been notable evolutionary changes within the species that are a reaction to time and environment. That shouldn’t bother anybody, and I don’t think it clashes with Christianity. However, according to the left, “God is Dead,” so there’s no room for anything but the idea that we came from sludge and go back to sludge. When we ask why they’re so stuck on that theme, they respond “Because science, bitch!” or something more eloquent. Problem is, if 51% of Americans are rejecting the “God is Dead” meme, the left is in trouble. “No God” is the very foundation of liberalism.

Thirty-seven percent of Americans are not convinced that humans are causing global warming.Wrong.

With all the evidence of junk science and reports that have been doctored to show the global warming point of view, I think there’s at least a serious question as to whether “global warming” or “climate change” is really an issue. But questioning global warming is anathema to the liberal, because the liberal needs a dying earth to make the rest of society pay for their way of life. We need to pay for our freedom by having less of it in the name of saving the earth. If 37% of Americans are beginning to doubt the meme, the left is doomed. The left needs a pliant population, willing to believe the worst and make the necessary lifestyle changes, to achieve its agenda.

So, yeah, liberals are crying. These poll numbers are not on their side. They’ve had two, maybe even three, generations to get the numbers on their side and it’s not happening.

When faced with defeat, liberals do not retreat. They try harder. And they get sillier. Expect more of that from the left; as a result, I think the numbers in that poll will actually increase in our favor, to the point where we may see a drastic societal shift in the “right” direction. Sure would be nice.

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