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Dem Lobbyist: GOP Will Control House and Senate in Mid-Term Elections

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  1. They may on a Congressional level but the GOP is already setting the groundwork for losing in 2016 in the Oval office.

    There is a reason that the GOP has lost twice in a row in the Presidential Elections. You see way back in 2004, a few years after 9-11 we heard the grand speeches given by George. And we thought surely 9-11 was the wake up call. That now we would come back to reason. Bush talked a whole lot about deficit reduction. About the border. About the value of work versus entitlement.

    And what did he do? He called the Minutemen vigilantes. The started this concept of bailouts. Massive spending. He pushed the Patriot Act but let the borders remain wide open. Even though the FBI and other agencies revealed that terrorists could walk right through. In a nutshell he did the exact opposite of everything he said he was going to do. Granted he isn’t the colossal wimp that Barry is on foreign policy. But he damaged this country just as much.

    And now the GOP seems to think they can just repeat the same fired up speech and we’ll just walk right to the voting booths for them. McConnell and his idiotic display holding the rifle high—as if he isn’t a miserable traitor. Well you know what GOP? It doesn’t matter whether you control the Congress with the Oval Office or not. You had it all with the Bush era for years. You don’t act with anything less than treason whether you are the majority or not. Then the only guy that stands up and demands debt accountability, Ted Cruz, you attack. That will really get me to vote for you in 2016.

    You want to win the next election? Check your treason at the door. Put in a Patriot. And if by some miracle you do win the Congress in 2014 then the first and immediate thing you do is impeach that Marxist traitor sitting in our Oval Office. You do that I might think you have our country at interest after all. You don’t negotiate on amnesty or raising the debt ceiling. Do that and you might get my vote.

    Don’t do that and don’t expect my vote. Because what you are doing right now, GOP, will collapse our country anyway as my fiction and history predicts. So it really doesn’t matter who is in charge. So stop talking and engaging in idiotic feel good shows like McConnell just did.

    Show us.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE blog.

  2. And Republicans had better make GOOD use of those margins! No time to relax fellow conservatives. After November pour on the pressure to undo as much damage as possible – and to GET RID of Obama while he is still in office! Reassert the Constitution. Traditionally, Republicans have never undone any Socialist scurvy the Dems have put on us even when they’ve had a Majority. We MUST NOT waste this….

    “Will you spare the cities for just 10 righteous people?”

    “I will….”

    Surely there are more than 10 Righteous people in the United States!