Buying Political Influence – Who Should Scare Us More, The Koch Brothers or George Soros?

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  • I am one of the millions who dispises the Corporatism or Crony Capitolism that DC is drunk upon. But having to live with this system for now I am very thankful for the Koch brothers. My basic instincts toward that fool Reid and the vile Soros triggers all kinds of unmentionable imaginings of what should happen to such traitors! Thank you for an enlightening article!

  • Dingy Harry and the rest of the Democrats know that they have nothing to run on in the up and coming elections, so they are running against the Koch brothers. This type of rhetoric appeals to their brain dead voters. It is amazing that anybody could support or even listen to this nasty hateful old man.

    • You’re exactly right, L.E. It’s classic Saul Alinsky methodology of identifying and isolating the “enemy.” We shouldn’t be surprised, but it still astounds me that Reid, having some semblance of some scruples in previous years, would be such a practitioner of Alinsky tactics.

  • Well done, Rick. You’ve given s good picture on the ‘financials’…allow me, if you would, to add that the Kcch brothers LIVE in this country, employ 1000’s & pay taxes…& are loyal to their country.. Soros, on the other hand, lives the high life in a fortress mansion outside of MEXICO CITY. He pays no USA taxes & funnels money through non-profits. Soros’s sense of loyalties during WWII allowed him to ‘assist’ the ENEMY in escorting his fellow Jew and members of his own family to the gas chamber…

    As for Reid, me thinks the ole bugger is running scared.