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Bundy Was Right…Sort of

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I am a semi-retired politically conservative easy going person from NewJersey. I am,married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, music and current events.

One comment

  1. Jim, I’m pretty disgusted with this whole thing. I didn’t have any problem with what Cliven said – it is the TRUTH! I didn’t have any problem with understanding the truth! I don’t need all these explanations and justifications – I NEVER suspected Cliven Bundy of being a Racist!

    But we live in a nation full of STUPID people on both the right and left! Sean Hannity has shown his true NeoCon colors! Instead of cowering over what the MSM was going to say – “oh, No….!” and blasting Cliven for some kind of “political blunder” he should have been arm in arm with Cliven, repeating WHAT he said – in your face, liars – to the MSM and the communist dogs we call Democrats! Showing fear of these S-itheads (at the expense of the TRUTH) only empowers them MORE! SHAME on you SEAN!!!!!

    Of COURSE they are going to find something to use against Cliven Bundy – HE BLOODIED THEIR G.D. NOSES!! Hannity and anyone else who even BLINKED at Cliven’s remarks PLAYED THEIR GAME!!!!

    Many of our so-called Conservative leaders are COWARDS!!!…. and, frankly, TRAITORS to our cause of truth!

    You NEVER see the leftist throw one of their own under the bus! EVER!!! At most they say NOTHING when one of their leaders makes a mistake!

    But Bundy did NOT make a mistake!!!

    I am sick of spineless cowards taking positions of speaking for us! Go to H_ll Sean!!!

    We need to remember that our nation is full of socially demoralized automatons do not hear with their ears but with their preconceptions – what they have been told THAT they think! They heard just two words Bundy used; “blacks” and “slaves”! That’s all they needed to hear. Bundy is a RACIST was their hair-trigger race-baiter preconception. The Bundys won an incredible tactical Victory against the Federal Government and now they are looking to destroy him. The Governments SLAVES are all undone and “uppity” because of what they are told to think of Bundy who struck a blow for THEIR freedom!!!

    They are tin-horned brainless fools!

    Stand your Ground, Cliven; you said everything JUST perfect! I salute your impeccable grasp of the TRUTH!!!