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Who can write with a government like this?

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  1. I believe every voice in the wilderness has an affect! Every word written that opposes the evil upon us checks that evil. Even if only one other person hears or reads it – regardless of their beliefs.

    Never give up. I try very hard to hang onto the one thing that will keep us from perishing – HOPE. I try to underscore the positive and strike thru the negative. There is no such thing as fate, predestiny, or unavoidable prophetic inevitability! The Bible says if we repent and turn from our ways God will heal our land. God or not if we return to our core values as a society our government will be forced to return to its Constitutional boundaries!

    We hammer upon the government – and rightly so – but there is a natural counter balance to government – society! All of the duties of society that we have abandoned to political correctness and hyper sensitivity to what the “collective” will think of us – the impetus NOT to rock the boat – the abandonment of principles in favor of acceptance had been taken over by Government!

    Our society is to blame for our predicament!

    We are now a nation of Children who define reality on the whims of our emotions. We are a nation of sucklers who believe the world owes us a living. We do NOT esteem the bourgeoisies! The earners and creators of wealth! We have been led to believe lies about the Goodness of Capitalism by Marxist minions who with little matter between their ears chant the 10 planks of Communism as if it were holy scripture! We call them Robber Barons! But they were neather robber nor baron – they were men with vision and fortitude to make the best of themselves that they could! We can thank the hatred of them amplified by socialist leftist communist progressives for the 16th and 17th Amendments and the Federal Reserve!!!

    We got into this mess over decades even hundreds of years. How can we expect to change it back over night? We must face reality – grow up – and know that this is a mortal fight that is going to be a long drawn out WAR! We must accept this and be determined to STAY THE COURSE! We must abandon the Republican propensity to evaluate each battle to estimate if it is winnable or not (PUKE!!!). We must fight every battle with our principles in mind and our Strategic goals in vision – Regardless of the potential success! The less than 3% who fought the Tyrant, King George, WON not because they won every battle – they LOST most of their battles. They won because they did not QUIT until they won.

    I am determined to win!

    Otherwise we are either slaves or DEAD!

  2. Oops…forgot to ask WHAT IS A REPUBLICAN?

  3. WOW ! You really are like millions of Patriotic Americans !!!! Frustrated…Angry….Tired…& fresh out of ‘new’ ideas to promote/motivate positive action from the bench of life so many sit on!!! As Mike Lee said at CPAC, “It’s time for Americans to stop talking about Reagan…and start acting like Reagan.” While that rings of truth…HOW?? It’s beyond my ‘wheel well’ of abilities to bring a room full of parrots and whinnies together to get anything done….

    I can certainly identify with what you have said and I, too, miss the same things. But, as a friend, I must tell you that the line to the pity pot is long & slow moving so if you’re going to stand in it…bring a good Chris Vaca book… : )

  4. Rich,
    Are you looking for a new direction? Maybe something you can sink your teeth into?

    …or are you looking for the same characters in the same location to do something different?