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2 thoughts on “What The Hell Is Going On Here?

  1. Jerry T

    Ok lets just be honest here. The curtain is up for this show and it won’t be coming down any time soon if the FEW have their way. They hold all the tickets and nobody is buying them anytime soon, They couldn’t sell them if they had too and they know that. But hey it’s the only show in town and they own the theater and the critics. As for the awards well they are the best of the best, if we didn’t know that well we just were not listening. Live from rodeo shitty music hall its the Barack Obama show with the renowned producer Saul Olinski in participation with Eric Holder and his cast of minions. It’s about as imaginative as any Psycho movie and the White house may as well be the Bates Motel with the Antics of this cast of misfits. Nothing will change until the average middle class Americans, AKA Joe and Jane decide they have just about had enough of this bull shit that PT Barnam aka POTUS is handing the world…and until that happens….well it’s “Live from the White house lawn in Washington DC. Its the Barry Obama show with his Off Key Band in bad music “The Minions.” HHHeeerrrs Barry!

  2. Jan Brown

    When my head stops spinning for a minute, I realize that this is indeed, the only Country that has PAN Playing with his flute in first chair, an organ grinder’s monkey in the second chair and a little mouse eating cheese in the corner(Valerie Jarrett) and yet another graduate from the Machiavelian School of ego at the helm of DOJ. and a ‘slew’ of czars & new appointees…..all acting like a well rehearsed orchestra to destroy our glorious Nation. WHAT THE HELL??/ WE NEED TO CANCEL THIS CONCERT!

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