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Separating Emotion from Logic on “Gun Free Zones”

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About Richard Larsen

AP award winning columnist Richard Larsen is President of Larsen Financial, a brokerage and financial planning firm in Pocatello, Idaho, and is a graduate of Idaho State University with a BA in Political Science and History and former member of the Idaho State Journal Editorial Board. He can be reached at rlarsenen@cableone.net.


  1. Setting aside that I think it’s possible that this administration ‘wants’ to disarm us, I have come to a conclusion…An alien ship of monkeys dropped down and dined on common sense with logic for desert…It seems that this anti-gun crowd is made up of some good people with a reasonable modicum of intelligence . So it’s either that or politicians making toys out of others emotions.
    Locally, we have a mall(Simon Properties)that posted signs “No Guns Allowed” The uproar has people taking a stack of letters to hand carry to stores stating that due to this policy they will no longer shop at the mall…….results will be interesting

  2. Richard. Great article. It is sad that we conservatives keep preaching this kind of logic to the point it is almost a cliché and yet the nimrods in positions of authority continue to “do the right thinnnnng!” That is what one of my senators told me when he voted for the failing gun measure that the Senate Tyrant, Harry Reid, finally just pulled from the floor.

    The truth of the matter is that law enforcement is not responsible for protecting us. They cannot! Their job is to enforce the law. They arrest bad guys and collect evidence to put them in jail. If it was their responsibility to protect us we could legally sue them every time something bad happened to us.

    But in our warped society we have come to rely on Experts for everything – even things we shouldn’t. I will say this in no uncertain terms – I HATE EXPERTS! It is the Experts in Congress and the Administrative Bureaucracy and the nincompoop anti- constitutionalist in the Supreme Court that has nearly destroyed this Nation – because they just know better than us peons what’s good for us!

    Moreover, we as a society have come to depend on Experts. Nearly 50% of us are on food stamps because the Experts are here to feed us. The Experts say guns are bad so many of us hate guns (and the same ones fear guns because they know nothing about them). Without this government many of us would simply shrivel up and DIE! We are a Nation of Pussies!!!

    Our rights to defend ourselves belong to us whether there is a Constitutional Guarantee or not. I was just reading about Mikail Kalashnikov, the Soviet tanker in World War II who designed and invented the most popular gun ever made – the Famed Soviet AK47. General Kalashnikov was a Life Time Member of the NRA and in a 1999 speech emphatically reiterated his belief that ALL of the citizens of the WORLD have the right to keep and bear arms!

    It is the fundamental right of every creature on this planet to Attempt to survive and it is the right of every human being – by virtue of our creator – be it a deity or the very planet itself – to Protect ourselves. That right cannot be taken away (it can be denied but it is NOT ever removed from our being human – until we are DEAD!)

    The liberals DO NOT care about the deaths, as in Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Sandy Hook and Norfolk! Or even Chicago! They are delighted when these things occur. You can see it in the glee in which they attempt to drum up support for their cause every time such an event occurs. Gun FRee Zones are one of their most important TOOLS for their cause – they are not going to remove them willingly – so let’s remove the liberals! Their cause is to enslave us. They cannot do that when we are armed!

    There is NO OTHER explanation for the illogical arguments to take away our guns! That is the SPADE of the matter! Everything else is smoke and mirrors!

    Derrell Poole