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Political Populism, Not Economics, Behind Minimum Wage Proposal

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  1. Jan Brown says:

    Rick, enjoyed the way you combine the fiscal facts & common sense. I, like you, have never seen a business man that opened his doors NOT to prosper. Nor one that doesn’t have a dollar plus ‘sweat investment.’ To the very few that don’t ‘get it’ business owners WORK.
    Taking this a step further while admitting we all need & use ‘stepping stones’ to have a business, I find that business owners don’t feel ‘entitled’ to success & depend not on government, but themselves for success. Whereas the majority of minimum wage earners do depend on government, & indeed, feel ‘entitled’. Curious how this ‘entitlement gene’ is passed from generation to generation readily….
    Keep your powder dry & pen inked!

    • Jan, very perspicacious, as always. Thank you. You’re exactly right. And I will. :)

      • Jan Brown says:

        I just try to rise to the occasion.


        • Jan, that’s an $18 trillion question that we, as an electorate, need to define. As it is now, Democrats are “socialist-lite,” and Republicans are “Democrat-lite.” If Republicans could return to their classical-liberal roots, as Cruz, Lee, et al are attempting, the Republican label could again mean something. As it stands now, they’re more facilitators of the erosion and eventual demise of our republic than anything else.

  2. Derrell Poole says:

    There is one very outstanding characteristic (to some degree about politicians in general but) very specifically to liberals, progressives and communists (as if there was any real difference); they always have to use deceit in order to perpetuate their policies and goals! If what THEY want is so much better for us than what WE want why do they always have to trick us?!

    • Darrell, you’re exactly right. They cannot be honest about their objectives, means, and agenda. It’s mandatory for their success to employ subterfuge, misrepresentation, and dishonesty. Well said, my friend!