Democrats Already Rush To Defend Hillary’s Disastrous Russia Record

By | March 4, 2014

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One thought on “Democrats Already Rush To Defend Hillary’s Disastrous Russia Record

  1. Jan Brown

    This ‘Devil’s Duo’ has made great strides toward destroying this Grand Nation and …for which it stands.. I believe the hunger for power is Hillary’s primary motivation and she’d traded her soul to the devil….Obama ‘just can’t help himself’ & regularly let’s his ignorance hang out for all to see in attempt to mask true intent…..IT IS ALL OF HIS APPOINTEES & their blind obedience that makes us look like a toothless tiger. In 2014, I intend to ask every candidate 2 questions 1) Do you know & understand the Constitution? 2) What does ‘service’ mean to you?
    ZM, you certainly pegged the military ‘reduction’ !

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