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  1. Jan,

    You’re the second person to ask me about Scott Walker. I can only imagine that he had a schedule conflict. He’s been mentioned by many speakers.

  2. Being from Texas may exhibit some partiality, but share your feelings on ‘hearing him in person’. It’s astounding the way he is so fluid, straight forward and ‘knowledgeable. After the first GOP Women’s forum of candidates, a number of us tried to decide which impressed us more, the ease & conversational tone or actual contents. His Q & A was amazing. His ‘full front court press’ is exactly what we need. I’m undecided how this would translate to the Presidency. His reference to the appeal of RON Paul & Reagan to the young can be carried a step further. Reagan is the closest person most have know that was a true ‘Statesman’ and since most ‘young’ tend to be mavericks or rebels Ron Paul exhibits about as far to the right as you can get & against about all the others are for. (And me thinks his apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree)

    Ryan would (my opinion)is more fact & figure brilliant. But would serve better in a cabinet post.

    Mitch is doing his ‘Swan Song” at last…The Democrat running is stronger that I’d like.So hope Kentucky GOP gets out the voters.

    From what I heard of speeches, I think that the long shore man Christie said it best…We need to spend energy telling WHAT WE WILL DO & clearly define ourselves rather than attack the liberals (even when deserved)

    I can’t get the time you have to try & catch highlights so rally appreciate you doing so.

    Any idea why Scott Walker wasn’t included? He has done wonders for his state.

    Praying that Perry & his new image does not muddy the water.
    Thanks again