Blacks, Homosexuals, and Atheists at CPAC 2014 – OH MY!

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  • Well said, Joe. Sure wish I coulda been there. I’ve been watching the videos!

    Every true conservative realizes that the other guys rights MUST be protected as much as his own because if they are not his rights are not protected either! It’s called Justice. Only Justice makes us all truly equal.

    The left IS desperate. Their tactics of deceit and prevarication are failing. Americans are starting to realize they need to apply themselves and seek out the truth – this they do, many of them. The left forgot how uncompromising the truth is. Now they are STUCK trying to throw lies against the truth and it tain’t-a-stickin’. Oh, what’sa commie to do?

    That’s the trouble when you rely on deception to accomplish your goals. And that also speaks volumes about your goals! If you feel you must deceive us to accomplish those goals even YOU realize SOMETHING STINKS. If it stinks it’s probably rotten!