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A Leopard Cannot Change Its Spots, Nor Can A Progressive

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About Chris Vaca

I was born and raised in New York City, but now live in Florida. After losing my mortgage business at age 57, I found the courage to reinvent myself, now at age 64, I enjoy being An Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Trainer and Author, as well as having a series of videos on YouTube called Over 50 And Broke and a web-site with the same name, All my books are listed on Amazon, http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=Chris+vaca


  1. Expert. That is the American messiah. The Expert. Experts know best what is good for us. Whew, sure glad because I’m just an amateur.

    Experts know it is better to lower standards than improve those who don’t meet the Standards.

    Experts know it is better to slam all of us into poverty rather than tap into the over 100 Trillion dollars in valuable minerals our natural recourses hold.

    Experts know it is best to steal from the rich and give it to the poor. Oh that IS justice in their eyes!

    Experts know how best to administer our healthcare.

    Experts know that the minority of ONE is a non-existent mythological fable! They believe minorities are strictly made up of “special people”.

    I HATE experts!

    They have intoxicated our society with their narcotic of security and collectivism! Good is evil and evil is Good! They do not ignore the Constitution. They deliberately ASSAULT it because, being Experts, they know the Constitution is an evil outdated document that keeps the GOODness of Government from fulfilling its almighty purpose – to TAKE CARE of us!

    I am a Constitutional Libertarian and I recognize that the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights were written BY Amateurs FOR Amateurs; a “We the People” who had the fortitude to take care of themselves! The experts have complicated EVERYTHING beyond the Amateur’s ability to grasp and control his own life!

    I use to repair my own car in my garage or literally under a shade tree. Now I open the hood and imagine a plate of spaghetti! I take so many pills I can’t eat a proper breakfast because I’m FULL! And I can’t oppose every issue the Federal Government, liberals, progressives – THEY ARE ALL COMMUNISTS! – throw at me because they are so complex and so numerous I literally don’t have the time!

    I hate experts. I will not trade my freedom for their “oh so generous” compassion for my well being. Since I’m a European descendant “white boy” their compassion for me probably means death in their Agenda 21 objective! The White man is an evil scourge you know.

    I swore to uphold and defend the Constitution – and I DAMNED WELL WILL! And you can count on me NOT being nice about it! This is one leapard thet WILL NOT allow his spots to be changed!

  2. Leopards never have been among my favorite cats…And they belong in a cage…Unfortunately, the litters have been shipped all over the Country. They are easily tracked, but difficult to get rid of. I wonder if our ‘hunters’ are shooting blanks. I hear the bang, but nothing seems to bring down the “Cats”. Perhaps we should consider hunters that can ‘think’ like them & are able to take aim at vitals….I’m justa sayin’…

  3. I have to tell you Chris you have a great sense of humor, I read your book about Alan Colmes I laughed all the way through it. You really put Colmes in his place. Good Job.