Pope Francis named by eyewitness as child trafficker

By | February 4, 2014

A new claim has been filed against Pope Francis.

From International Tribunal Into Crimes Of Church And State (ITCCS):

Pope Francis is named by former Argentine junta insider as “prime mover” in child trafficking network. Francis concealed Vatican – Crown of England “Holyrood Agreement” authorizing joint coverup of child rape in Anglican and Catholic churches

A former civil servant in the Argentine military junta who is living in exile in Spain claims that Pope Francis engineered the kidnapping and trafficking of children of political prisoners during the Dirty War of the 1970′s.

The man bases his claim on his personal involvement in meetings between Bergoglio and senior junta members that secured the child trafficking networks using Catholic orphanages and religious bodies as covers.

A Spanish reporter who has interviewed the former civil servant states,

“This guy is genuine and has many names and dates, and notes from meetings. Apparently, Bergoglio was promised the top spot in the Argentine church if he cooperated with the junta. So it’s small wonder that as the Pope, he’s made it harder for honest catholics to report child abuse, considering his own complicity.”

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5 thoughts on “Pope Francis named by eyewitness as child trafficker

  1. Popeter

    You guys don’t know the half of it. Take a listen here: http://youtu.be/vNTTx7gZHS4 So man people don’t know the history of this pope and some of them are ignorant of the entire history of the Vatican. I hope you will help me get the word out about this.

  2. tom missouri

    Have you people no shame!
    Here is a man, trying to show true Christian love and charity.
    Being more like Christ than you all will EVER be, and because he doesn’t back up your nazi like love of wealth, power, and guns, you have to try and bring him down.
    Shame on you!
    God will judge!

    1. Cindi Post author

      We report… YOU decide! Unlike MSNBC/ABC/CBS/NBC and all the other Liberal media, we report the news we find.

    2. Jan Brown

      Tom, I understand your disgust at such NEWS. You can be certain that the staff at CDN are just making you aware of yet another attack on the Catholic Church. YOU can make up your own mind as to “if” there is any merit to it or if the ‘claimant’ is venting his resentment/envy at what he conceives as his own mistreatment, perhaps wonder, (as I did) WHY is he in exile.

      I’d like to welcome you to CDN, I don’t believe I’ve seen you name before. I believe you’ll find that videos like this are presented with little or no comment and then there are opinion pieces that offer us a chance to exchange opinions (pro & con) Information sharing is the key to my lengthy membership. I’ll look forward to your input….

    3. Sulema

      I agree with you they are saying the something about Bono and the queen
      People are trying to make the world better then you have this a holes

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