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Obama: The Man Who Would Be King and His Republican Enabelers

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  1. Erik Erikson is most probably rightin his statements, and most assuredly share the opinion of a vast number of solid, well informed Americans. To include mine. However the soot of negativity is so dark & thick it’s becoming difficult to see & breathe. In an attempt to let some ‘positive’ energies in I looked for another perspective or reason. What I found doesn’t do much to change my mind, but it does leave the door open.

    I recalled the saying “Lose the battle, WIN the war” and the Eastern Philosopher SunSu’s ” He who knows when to fight will experiences victory”……Now we can all remember the Democrat’s success in ‘selling’ it was the Republican’s fault that there was a shutdown. And we know that during all the talks/debates ALL Attention left ObamaCare (our strong suit for the 2014 elections) Many States are beginning to hold their primaries and we must keep and gain every seat in both houses possible…And, let’s be honest, the POWER of the Senate Majority would wipe out anything that resembled ‘conservative’ or ink Obama’s veto stamp….

    Not sure I buy it, but it does sound better and I KNOW FOR CERTAIN if we primarily focus on & WIN in the fall, by spring we can knock off the autocratic crown & choke the Golden Goose that is laying their golden eggs.

    For now.. Ideal is the dream of Impeachment…where as,.. taking control of the Senate is a GOAL with a planned destination.

  2. As far as I’m concerned Congress has but ONE job now;


    I write my legislators every week (do I need to do this every day?) – very simple. “If you intend to keep your oath and support the Constitution, IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT! Or get out of office!!! You want my vote and my financial support? IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT!”

    If there really is a God in heaven (sorry – doubtful) this President will not last out the year. Go ahead, God. You promised if we repented and called upon your name you would heal our land!!! You would have spared Sodom and Ghamorra for just 10 righteous people! I know more than 10 righteous people living in this country, RIGHT NOW!

    Nope! It’s up to us. Write your Congressmen – every day if you have to! Noah built the Ark! God opened up the fountains of the deep….