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More Horrors of Obamacare-This Time It’s Personal

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  1. ArdvarkMaster says:

    Harry Reid said this man is lying.

    Who you going to believe, Harry Reid or another lying American?

  2. Seipherd says:

    Get a clue folks, the O in O-Care is not so much for Obama, but 0 as in zer0 care. Just because you have coverage doesn’t mean you’ll get care.

    Example, in WA state, there’s thousands and thousands of folks who’ve been forced out of their employer plan to 0-Care and find the option to sign up for dental coverage, named Provider-1 (single payer’s nickname?) Anyways, it’s just Medicaid under another name. And it pays dentists so poorly that very few clinics are taking new Provider-1 patients. How poorly? $1.38 for an xray — less than 10% of normal costs. This isn’t even enough to cover the cost for the front desk to answer the phone and make the appointment…

    Basically, 0-Care really means zerO-care… Don’t expect a lot and you’ll be just fine…