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Justice for Justina Pelletier

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  1. I thought that quote about the Republic was Ben Franklin.

    • It was, one of those DUH!!!! moments. Thanks for catching that. I know who said it, had the right face but wrong name.

  2. You’re right, Bob. There is something terribly wrong here. I know there are ‘some’ instances where it may be deemed necessary to keep a patient ‘detached’ for a limited period of time, but her own doctor!!!! And no word to the parents as to why or what’s wrong…unacceptable!!!! IF, I say IF, Kristin is correct in the assumption of Munchausen, at the very least her personal doctors should be informed & allowed to try to console the parents. If the Hospital feels that her personal doctor(s) have acted unethically, then why no action against them? I do not know what these States Laws are, but there appears to be something drastically wrong here. Bob, I’ve known your pieces from here & Paul Revere and you never fail to research. Thanks for bringing this up

  3. Kristin, you are sick. I have looked at this quite thoroughly and what is happening to this family is just wrong. You really think that 2 doctors at Tufts were poisoning her?????

  4. Munchausen by proxy is a serious illness that requires a dydactic interaction between patient and reinforcer. I propose that nothing wrong is happening in that medical facility other than to subject the child to enough emotional distance to discover whether she is being psychologically abused or possibly even poisoned to manufacture symptoms. We must do away with laws that protect children if we don’t want to provide our country this power. I surely hope this is medical error and not a case of munchausen. But if it is, the public who financially support these parents are feeding right into their hands— the personal gain from the medical conditions of their daughter (real or manufactured).