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John Boehner’s Incremental Amnesty Surrender Strategy

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  1. I ‘suppose’ one could consider his a start and it is more than he (Boehner) has done. But Band Aides won’t work!!! Our Borders (particularly the south) are like huge sores oozing poison in all directions. Border agents in SE Texas report a sizable increase in apprehension of OTM (other than Mexicans)since last year. Similar reports from the Center for Immigration Studies.
    WHAT is it about the GOP that can’t present a defined plan about this or ny issue. We have a larger & growing population of h
    Hispanics..and the LEGAL ones don’t want open borders either & believe in deportation…they also want to know ‘what’ republicans stand for..Most are quite conservative & Christian.

    I am amazed at the ignorance spewing from people that have never been to the border or even watched a live video. Dennis Lynch’s “They Come to America 1& 2” are great!!

    There is something terribly wrong when a mother has to sit with a firearm to watch her children play in their own front yard. We have far too many American Citizens living in fear…not freedom..