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Ann Coulter: Obama Says If You Like Your Life You Can Keep It!!!!

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  1. I’m a bit confused as in the past when I refer to ACA as Marxist the Progressive tells me I have no idea what Marxism even is and how Obamacare isn’t Marxist at all. Of course this is the same Progressive that tells me that illegal isn’t really illegal when applied to a migrant crossing our border without permission. So then again I guess I’ll consider the source.

    Marxist tenets basically believe that we should all throw in our resources for the collective one. And the means of production are to be controlled by the government which always does a fine job when having total control in peoples’ everyday lives. So let’s look at ACA shall we? I just saw a Hulu.com ad about it so now I am fully informed.

    The ad shows a son and a mother. The son says he cannot afford health insurance. The mother insists that now he can. At reduced rates. The son appears to be living with his mother or obviously isn’t that successful since he needs her guidance on the matter in his twenties. She then tells him not only can he afford it but if he can’t then he can get help paying for it. This must be ACA because the first “success” story I heard when ACA was implemented was a guy who had majored in videography in college, made 20K a year in Hollywood and was getting his health insurance for seventy dollars a month. That’s amazing, I thought. Of course people who didn’t major in something that was largely useless for a viable income had to pay much much more and were not subsidized by the government. So I guess the mother had heard of this story and was gleefully relaying it to her son that he too could pay less while others paid more. And better yet with expanded Medicaid many will not pay at all. And when subsidized by the government that means subsidized by the producers’ taxes so it equates to one man paying for another according to his need. According to need. Where have I heard that before? Let me see—yep there it is, written by Karl Marx. You see, we all work for a common good. I should pay more so someone else pays less or not at all. Redistribution of my income to those who are less successful. And at the same time taking over the means of production. That would be us providers as I was one for thirteen years.

    Right. I have no idea what Marxism is at all. Silly me. I have it all wrong. Taking one’s income and giving it to another in the form of reduced rates for insurance is capitalistic.Forgive me my error.

    If we continue this we will fall. Don’t just believe my fictional prophecies. The problem with the Progressive worldview is it is discounted by a really inconvenient entity. That would be history. But I’m sure this time Mr.
    Progressive, entitlement programs will reduce poverty. Because history shows it does. Wait a minute, I stand corrected History doesn’t show that at all. History shows that you are completely wrong.Every time. And that it would be a much safer bet to place that chip on my fiction based on actual history, repeated history mind you, than to indulge in academic theory from the university campus for a utopian society that has never
    existed in the world of mankind to this day.

    Funny how all us successful capitalists get it while the unsuccessful continue to stick their hand out for. . . well, the handout. And that is the difference between the Capitalist and the Marxist.

    Class dismissed Mr. Progressive

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE blog.