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2 thoughts on “A Constitution Made for the Prosperity of Liberty

  1. Jan Brown

    Michael, you’ve done a great job of capturing the spirit of our exceptional Nation….It brings to mind the words of JFK and Thomas Paine
    “What can you do for your Country?”
    “The worth of something is determined by what you’re willing to fight for”
    While these may not be the ‘exact’ words, the meaning still holds.
    Just as we ask Congress & the President to recall their oaths…..perhaps it would be a suitable time for each of us to review & renew our own “Pledge of Allegiance”
    This is not time for apathy or silence. It is a time for bold & loud action. These are , indeed, “the times that try men’s souls”
    In Prayer for our Nation, I am One American, joined by others, I am an Army

    1. Derrell Poole

      Well said, Jan. Indeed it is time to stop being “nice” with those who are out to destroy us. This land is longing for the voice(s) in this wasteland to stand up and declare, UNkindly if necessary, what is RIGHT and what is WRONG! Government can never do this! It is up to Society to do this. Our society is rudderless! No one says, homosexuality is vile and wrong whether it is kept in the closet or not. No one says it is wrong to murder babies even seconds after conception. So now, here we are!

      Freedom cannot be maintained and protected by an immoral society. Without a doubt those who are intent on destroying us, KNOW THIS. But apparently good and moral people DON’T know this because they don’t stand UP for Morality. “Whatever someone does in their own privacy is okay with me as long as they don’t put it in front of me” WRONG! Well… THEY DON’T! They are afraid! AFRAID!

      It is time for us as a society to recapture our morals. That will not happen by osmosis! We have to stand in FRONT of the battle line and TAKE the hits! We have to bring “guns” to the gunfight. Warfare! We have to “hurt” the opposition. And the only way to do that is with the TRUTH! When groups like GLAAD get in our faces we MUST meet them face to face and NOT BACK DOWN no matter what the risk! I have already declared to myself that Political Correct is plain ol’ CA-CA! I will not cower to it!

      Christians, Jews, Constitutionalists, Conservatives, Tea Party Patriots, Republicans, Good Moral Americans need to strip off the gloves and GET MEAN! Even Jesus thrashed the moneychanger as he DROVE them out of the Temple!!!

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