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One thought on “What Would Jesus Really Do?????

  1. Seipherd

    Good points, especially about how abortion is between the woman and god.

    Jesus would simplify things to a few simple central ideas that seem to have fallen out of favor, perhaps something like:

    “When did we stop teaching and learning to fish, and start demanding someone else to give us their fish?”.

    And perhaps “Thou shalt not covet they neighbors wealth” in response to folks hell bent on taking other people’s wealth for their own… Legal or otherwise, Class warfare leads to moral and fiscal social depravity. Seems even the new Pope has lost sight of this Commandment… Sort of shows where things are going, I guess.

    Finally, there is no 11th Commandment that states “thou shall use big guberment to enforce your will on others”. Rather, one should “Trust God, not big gubermint, to sort out the unsortable nature of humanity”

    Or something…

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