The Republican Party: When the Body Guard joins the Bully!!!!!

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  • I wish everyone would read what you just wrote, Bob!

    I get a lot of junk mail from the RNC – “renew your membership, third notice, final call, we must stand against the liberals, protect our conservative values”

    Surveys – “what are you most concened with? Obamacare or the National budget?” That’s like asking me, “should we stop the clip gun or the revolver from putting a .45 slug thru your brain!”

    Showmanship!! They are a bunch of actors trying to stay on stage! Your observations from the caller are absolutely right. When Boehner caved to the Gov. shutdown (a small blessing as we were actually saving money AND Obama was shooting off his own foot) I was so mad I told the RNC to shove it! Boehner should go to jail for life too! What the idiots don’t understand is that once you commit to action – right or wrong – carry thru because giving in before a true conclusion is COWARDANCE! And cowards are dispicable! What ever footing they had before the shutdown is now completely gone!

    I didn’t attempt to anylize why I was so mad – I knew at some level – but you’ve put it all into common sense words! Thanks!

    I won’t vote for a candidate that does not demonstrate a strong support for the Constitution. This means it is very unlikely I’ll ever vote for a Democrat. But it also means I likely won’t vote for a “traditional” Republican either. Our founders were none to thrilled with partisan politics to begin with. In some ways the Tea Party isn’t Conservative enough and I float somewhere between Tea Party and Libertarian (They have a couple of points I’m not quite in agreement with either). But I’d vote for any one of them over another John McCain.

    (or did I say that already?)

    Because they command my confidence and respect! (I’d love it if Sarah won the Presidency!)

    • thanks for the kind words. Send a link to the RNC and see if they respond. If you are looking for a good candidate for president in 2016, should we still be a republic then, give John Albert Dummett Jr. a look. You can do a search for him or look on facebook. I think you will like him.