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President Barack Obama: The Very Definition of Tyranny

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  1. Allow me to draw a parallel to what is happening with the IRS targeting, new laws of allowing an American citizen to be apprehended without cause and obvious targeting of people like Dinesh. Bear with me as I have a point and the point is what happens when you sit back and simply hope it gets better.

    Because it doesn’t when you are dealing with tyranny.

    I began a fictional account of this in 2005. It is terrifying how much closer we are since publication. People told me at the time I was being over dramatic. Actually I was basing my work on the history of fallen nations. I was in California at the time. And we were being overrun by illegals. I said California would become a third world country. Nine years later it is on its way. And why? Because people allowed it. They slowly let the bullying agenda go forward. The ignored illegal aliens–it would be ok they said. This was America. Guess what–they now outnumber you in California. It won’t be long before the courts rule you need to give your land back to them. This will happen because everyone just hopes it will work itself out. And history shows it will not. History shows the nation will fall or become imprisoned.

    And we are sitting back nationwide and hoping all of these intrusions will just go away.

    Barry should have been removed the second he infiltrated government into our health care. And the fact is he should have been removed by our military. He should have been removed the second he said he would use executive orders at his whim. And he should be removed now.

    Many will sit back and idly hope it doesn’t get worse. Let me explain what I learned about tyranny in my research for my writing. Trying to hope tyranny goes away is like hoping a bully stops on the playground. You can hope it stops, hide in the corner or try to negotiate with the bully–there is only one way to deal with the bully in the end. You break his damn nose.

    In the original conflict between North and South in our own history, it didn’t just happen overnight. People grew angry over years and began to utter the words–long before the first shots were fired. And I’m hearing those words now. I’m seeing them on these screens.

    And those words are Civil War.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE