On top of Obamacare failures, state exchange wastes $1.73 million on Richard Simmons video

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  • …And it wasn’t even ‘the best of Simmons’ Don’t know which was worse, him or the money he was paid.

  • While O-Care marketing and Mr Simmons get paid full wages for promoting O-Care, clinics are getting paid less than minimum wage to provide such care. In many cases, particularly Medicaid and it’s various disguised clones that are basically Medicaid by another name, it’s costing clinics far more to provide O-Care and O-Caid than the clinic might get paid.

    How bad is can this be? In WA State, Medicaid is paying $1.38 for a dental xray — far less than 10% of normal fees for such a procedure. $1.38 is not even enough time to cover staff costs to make and set up such an appointment…

    But not to worry, Mr Simmons got big bucks for his ‘donation’ to promoting O-Care. Undoubtably, a bunch of that will be laundered back to the Ocrat party as donations for more Ocrat nonsense.

    So it’s all good — nothing much to see here, just move along now…

  • >gag! Puke! Wretch!!!gasp< there are a lot of good people in California!

    That little ph_got isn't one of them! And neither is the State leadership!!!