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Obama’s Promise Zones

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  1. I’m packing now! Can include info on the “Immigration Issues’, but need address. In the meantime the Center for Immigration Studies and Texas Border Volunteers as well a Dennis Lynch’s “They Come to America” sites offer a great deal.


  2. It seems, to me, that each of these ‘zones’ & ‘their’ plans all hinge on (depend) the Federal Government’s money AND regulations to succeed. Great!! Same dependents with new clothes that will quickly wear out….But then ‘community organizing’ is the only area that this newly self crowned king actually has experience in…..And a couple of these ‘zones’ already have vocational training programs….

    Cindi…I’ve missed ya…& the morsels you serve us

    • Thanks Jan, I’ve missed you too! It was GREAT to have a MUCH NEEDED vacation! 😉

      And yes…. The Great Community Organizer In Chief who knows NOTHING about actually governing and solving problems!

      Did you see that a former WH staff member actually admitted Obama is not good at governing?! http://www.conservativedailynews.com/2014/01/former-wh-official-admits-obamas-not-good-at-governing/

      • It seems that I did, although I couldn’t tell you ‘who’. Guess it got lost in the scales that are falling off the eyes of some Democrats.

        Vacation! I didn’t sign a permission slip!! We do need a break from all of this political caca de toro being thrown at us non-stop. You should’ve called & I would’ve tagged along to keep you out of trouble : )

        • Exactly! The problem is, they ALL know this, they just REFUSE to admit it! You can’t tell me Hillary ACTUALLY thinks he is doing a good job! That’s why she hightailed it out of his administration, so she could put distance between them before she runs for office! They all know he is a joke!

          And yes ma’am, I DEFINITELY needed a break! I apologize for not clearing it with you first! 😉 lol Although, I’m not so sure you would have wanted to tag along. I simply stayed home and did NOTHING! And it was GLORIOUS!!!! 🙂

          • Hey! That sounds good as long as I don’t have to take out the trash or iron…& I don’t do windows.

            Would love to see what you could develop around Immigration Reform. Obama is already abusing executive orders & implementing tidbits from ole Harry’s Dream Act. We’re being inundated with criminal trespassers in South Texas that when I go to Wal=Mart I almost have to ask Habla English….no joke!

          • NO HOUSEWORK around here on vacation! Seriously! The kids take out the trash, so that’s no worries… and ironing… not on your life! LOL

            I will start doing some research on Immigration Reform and see what I can dig up for you! It’s going to be the next big push, I’m sure!

            And I have to ask… what part of “South Texas” are you? I’m in San Antonio!