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Obama Energy policy causes heating shortages for Americans

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  1. Rich, think you’re a tad bit generous in saying ‘in his naivety’…this is all according to plan… I do not believe this person ever had any intention of ‘helping America’…but just his horrid self & his puppeteers. Gasping at straws, I’m just grateful he didn’t use the Republicans & Conservaties to launch his ‘skyrocket’even though the mud splashes

  2. Obama the dick-tator needs to be thrown out of our White House into the sub-zero temps with some of those oil by-products and green energy results applied to him…….Tar & Feathers (from some of the birds killed in wind mills). His devastating energy policies are destroying this country along with everything else he’s done in 5 looooooong years of his dictatorship. He’s done more damage to the USA then anyone in history. He belongs in prison for all his criminal acts against our Republic and We The People.

  3. You suck Barry Hussein Akbar Obama! I just got my bill for $4.24/gallon propane. Between that, higher gas costs, higher health insurance premiums, and higher electrical bills, my family is shelling out an additional $6,800 (approx.) more per year than before you took office. This is all a direct result of your policies, Barry. By the way, $6,800 is nearly 15% of my annual income. Thanks. You and the Demonrats in Congress really stand up for the working class. Ha!

  4. Just the tip of the progressive / liberal / democrat / socialism ice burg !!!!!

  5. Maybe if “we the people” threw president “skyrocket” out into a snow bank outside the white house he would think twice about Americans keeping warm!

  6. I hope those fools who fell (jumped) for supporting this socialist’s games enjoy the suffering that Obama’s policies bring them. Many of us tried to tell them over and over, but they just wouldn’t listen to FACTS.The entitlement programs and selective prosecution suited them just fine!
    This is all a part of Kenya Boy’s program to destroy this country and convert it to just another third world cesspool!
    Wake up AMWERICA! NOW! If you don’t, you probably will wake up one morning and find yourself under martial law with Obama as dictator!

    • Reside in Florida, I am warm, I did not vote for the Marxist. I don’t feel compassion for those who are cold. You reap what you sow, so keep voting socialist. Those that did not vote at all I hope you people are suffering the most!

      • And what about those of us who voted against the imposter-in-chief every chance we got but were disenfranchised by stolen votes and corrupt counts? Do we deserve what we get? What if we can’t go to Florida because we can’t get jobs?
        Stinks to be us, I guess.