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One thought on “Now! Now It’s Job One?

  1. Jan Brown

    Absolutely, Chris! Much like when Eve gave the apple to Adam, FDR gave us that gateway fruit of ‘government dependency’. Our cravings for more resembled that of a drug addict…and wiling to do most anything for a ‘fix’ without any regard to cost. Getting ‘clean’ is or should be a priority of all Americans….It takes FOCUS and WORK….It means that even as important as issues like abortion & same sex marriages are, without a strong economy there is no funding for any social programs.
    EVERYONE needs to grasp that it isn’t just about the wants & wishes of a single individual or group. It is about SAVING AMERICA from becoming a 3rd world nation…Focus needs to be on what is ‘good for the majority’. This means at the ballot box as well as at home. There is no requirement that says you much ‘like’ the candidate (after all you probably won’t sleep with them) And you don’t have to follow the sheep with the loudest bell because you have one too.
    Individual family units often have to chose ‘what is best overall for them’ and that means sometimes you don’t get ‘quite’ what you want or think is right. It’s the same principal in elections. Your turn will come!.. Instant gratification doesn’t always mean lasting satisfaction.
    If you believe in positive thinking as a key to reaching a goal, it just might be more productive to focus on what CAN be done & what is RIGHT rather than the wrongs & can’t.

    Chris, not sure if I ‘like’ you because we seen to agree or because you’re a ‘nice guy’…gut gald you’re here

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