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5 thoughts on “Not Welcome in New York

  1. Henry Whitney

    Jesus was no conservative. He would not approve of the flying of Caesar’s flag in houses of worship, extrajudicial killings of suspected terrorists overseas, the drug war, ObamaCare (approved by “conservative” Chief Justice John Roberts, nominated by “conservative” W), or the sending of the tax money of atheists and Muslims to subsidize the government abortion mills in Israel (where Christian evangelism is illegal).

  2. Jan Brown

    Great Tony!!! Just think of all the available hotel rooms at cut rate prices that will open. Heck, one could probably pick up a summer home in the Hamptons for pennies…..

  3. Derrell Poole

    Communism is the Diametric opposite of our Nation’s Traditional Values. Cuomo and ALL Democrats (there is no on the fense types) ARE Communists! That isn’t just a biased statement. Collectivism is at the heart of Communism (amonged other scurilous principles). Democrats are Domocrats because they believe in Experts who will “take” care of us as a co0llective – we are all equal in every sense to the point no one is individually responsible. In short they believe Responsibility belongs to the collective – not the Individual!

    I HATE the ideals Democrats hold beloved! They are NOT compatable with our Traditional Core Values. Cuomo is opposed to those who do not agree with him to the point of doing away with them. But our values protect the right of the Individual to disagree! They also protect my right to despise EVIL!

    Cuomo is an Agenda 21 Globalist who does not see people as individuals but just so many sheep for him to herd and cull as he see’s fit! His opinions, his ideas, his goals, and his visions he assumes are right and above anyone elses to the point of complete EXCLUSION! I am sick of these professional EXPERTS!

    You offend me, Governor!! Very deeply! What is even more sickening is that some New Yorkers agree with you…

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