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3 thoughts on “Moms Group Demanding Stricter Gun Laws Bribe Legislators With Cookies

  1. Jan Brown

    Seems that MADD didn’t stop drinking, but, who knows maybe when you’re being held at gun point in an alley, pulling out a chocolate chip cookie will scare the robber off!!! Until it’s proven, think I’ll just rely on my old 2nd Amendment.

  2. Derrell Poole

    Always looking for the government to keep you safe, eh?

    Maybe your cause has good merit to it but as this Government ever more drags us down the path to Socialist Totalitarianism your “good cause” arguments will turn out to be one more stepping stone to a bad ending. (That is exactly what every other “good cause” legislation has done for us.) It will not stop at these seemingly common sense laws! It will NOT!

    Such laws, by nature, MUST violate our 4th Amendment rights. Even at the State level this is Unconstitutional! Freedom costs something! Freedom takes vigilance and WORK! It takes personal responsibility to do the things necessary to insure your own safety! We have become a Nation of namby-pambies, always looking for the Government to take care of us instead of us taking care of ourselves! I guess that is so much easier. Well Security costs something too. It costs Freedom!

    There are a lot of women – mothers – in this country who “get it”. They have taken it upon themselves to be armed and know how to use their weapons. We all have the unalienable right to protect our families and ourselves. That is not a grant from the Government! That is a right that is bestowed upon us as human beings by whatever mechanism that created us! If you are helpless it is because you have not taken the steps to NOT be helpless. Do not put the burden for THAT upon me by supporting the Governments propensity to VIOLATE MY RIGHTS (and the rights of my children and their children)! Do NOT make me a slave because you are scared of guns! Take responsibility as an individual, with all of the same unalienable rights that I have, and insure your own security as best you can!

    Passing gun control legislation will not end with keeping guns out of the hands of undesirables – they will get the guns in spite of any laws we pass! It will only take away the ability of the people to stay free.

    To HELL with Bloomberg and his “Mayors Against Illegal Guns”!!! Even if I wanted to support your cause I could not because of that alliance!

    1. Cindi Post author

      Amen, Amen, AMEN, Derrell!!

      “There are a lot of women – mothers – in this country who “get it”. They have taken it upon themselves to be armed and know how to use their weapons. ”

      THIS Mom is one of those who “GET IT”!

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