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4 thoughts on “Is the NFL Becoming the No Fan League?

  1. Don Wright

    Hey guess what? I am a Penn State alum and the parking for one of those games is $40. The frisking, strip searching … not aware of yet … but you are subjected to very heavy scrutiny as you approach the gates. The price of the tickets … up, up and away. I saw my first Penn State game when I was only 6 in 1961. My father took me to all of the home games and he was able on a low pay laborers salary to not only be able to buy the tickets, park (free) but buy us hot dogs, hot cocoa etc. If you were to compare the buying power then to today … very few if any laborers(low income or lower middle income members) could even remotely be able to afford the ticket price, parking costs and costs of refreshments/food. What is lost in all of this … pricing many fans out of the ability to afford the event … but also adding insult to injury with the outrageous violations of personal space, frisking and the loss of self respect that goes along with it. My wife and I can still afford these games but we choose to watch them from the comfort of home. The Pittsburgh Pirates are our last choice for seeing quality games with minimum “violation” of both our pocket books and our persons.

    1. Michael Shannon

      That’s an interesting point. I’ve noticed the same thing here in DC. The Nationals baseball stadium experience is much better as to security than the NFL.

      Can’t really compare ticket prices, since baseball teams have so many more games.

      I just read the Packers will be giving away hand warmers and hot chocolate at today’s game.

  2. Seipherd

    Hmm. Perhaps excessive commercialization and narcisism explains why I’m typically finding something else to do on Sunday rather than sit around watching football. Ditto for Saturday College football. And Monday, and Thursday. Not that I don’t like watching on TV — costs too much in person.

    It seems football has crossed a line somewhere so they really don’t care about anyone but themselves and their own bloated paychecks…

    Another symptom is how college football coaches get millions in salary, while minor college men’s sports (like tennis, crew and soccer) get zip while the same college women’s sports get full rides… And college players jump into pro ranks after getting full rides for one or more years…

    1. Michael Shannon

      I was a walk-on member of the track team in college who never accomplished anything. If I ever become rich and famous, I plan to make a donation. But that being said I never disliked the football team for their success.

      The coaches let us use their weight room, I was in awe.

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