Hope and Change Becomes Doom and Gloom.Obama and Saul Alinsky

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  • These “Steps to Slavery” will not be just wished away overnight, just as they weren’t built with speed. Since FDR, men with both good & bad intentions have been reinforcing them. Our Constitution also took work & time, but provides us with the armament we need to fight this ‘war’ (Yes! Like it or not, this is WAR) While the air thickens with civil unrest & discontentment grows, we must avoid the first physical engagement (if possible) We must in all way possible follow the Rule of Law or risk becoming like them. For surely, should we fire the first shot we can count on an ‘Egypt/Syria like” result. Obama & his pen almost guarantee it.

    We must put aside personal & generally petty differences to shake every tree for strong leadership that we can all stand behind…and…in the fall, we must vote for the Country & not just ourselves. We each must make it a choice of Life or Death, not the ‘lesser of the evils’.

    Stay ever alert, watch your six & keep your powder dry