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2 thoughts on “Harvey Weinstein Wages War On The NRA

  1. Derrell Poole

    I’m a member of the NRG and proud of it. So Harvey, I take your comments personally. And I will personally NOT go see your stupid movie!

    Liberals need no common sense. They don’t need to tell the truth. The end always justifies the end – and the end is ever fluid and dynamic! (What ever suits the moment). Character and honor are just words and mean nothing to liberals. Liberals have no use for facts; “everybody” knows you don’t win an argument with facts – you out shout your opponent with the most clever (and vile) acronyms, synonyms, baiter labels, and other such violations of the English language. (I was once called a Koch Sucker – now THAT’S Clever!) Clever is more important than right, don’t you know?

    And as to guns for bodyguards; WELL! That’s easy. Those guys are EXPERTS and all us peons with “free range” wildass and unSivilized guns need to just give them up to the EXPERTS! (Liberals love Experts because Experts take care of us.)

    Geez! Chris! Yoo jus’ don’t no nuthin’!

    (thanks for a great piece)

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