Government Mathematics 101a

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  • Tsk, Tsk, Joe…..”Thinking” is becoming a criminal offense..I just hope you don’t caught! And you certainly don’t dare question Obama’administration or affiliated trolls….

    Ok, now back to your post, With a Country spends as much on education as we do, we should ‘expect’ more positive results…the word ‘expect’ is key. We don’t expect the teachers to teach, we don’t expect students to learn….no expectations at all. By nature, students take the easy route & Mom & Pop let them because they also have low expectations.

    I wonder whatever happened to minimum wage jobs being just a jumping off job to a solid make a living career…Oh, I forgot! It’s that equal distribution thing!!

    I understand from a report (FOX)that there are jobs, not qualified employees. ???

    Take Care & keep it coming