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3 thoughts on “Amnesty: The Next GOP Leadership Betrayal

  1. Michael Shannon


    I agree. I’ve had two friends killed by drunk illegal alien drivers, so my family is way over our quota for “immigrant” understanding.

  2. Jan Brown



    In 2007 the Pew Foundation reported that VIOLENT crimes against legal citizens such as rape & murder, physical attacks numbered DAILY in excess of 100. Imagine the number now!!!

    Last week the SW Texas Border Agents reported that the ‘apprehensions’ of illegals is up from 350,000 in 2012 to 480,000 in 2013. This includes OTM’s (other than Mexicans) from Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, China, & several South American countries…..

    ANY reform is impossible without SECURED borders, North & South. Without containment any other action is futile.

    Jeh Johnson, the newly ‘(vetted & confirmeda0 DHS head, was under FEDERAL investigation for immigration MISconduct at the time our Senators elected unamiously to accept him.

  3. ArdvarkMaster

    This is my promise to the Republican Party. Pass amnesty, lose my vote.

    No Republican will ever receive my vote if the GOP passes amnesty because passing amnesty means the GOP have no values that they won’t betray and no loyalty they won’t abandon. If they pass amnesty, they are only interested it the campaign contributions they receive from the US Chamber of Commerce. Too bad dollars don’t vote.

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