A New Year Of What?

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  • Sadly, variations of ‘progressive takeovers’ are being played out in cities & towns of all sizes across our Nation….because those who wanted to believe, those who look for ‘freebies’, those who are short sided or suffer ADD simply stay oblivious unless called by name.

    If I’ve gone without food for days and am starving, I may ‘dream’ of hot biscuits ‘n gravy with a side of chocolate pie..if someone offers me a slice of bread I’ll take it, mold & all. That nourishment may not cure my hunger, but it will keep me going until I get to my dreams end!!!

    2014 is the year that ,we, as a Nation will either starve to death or welcome what nourishment is offered. We must concentrate & choose our battles wisely so that we can live to fight the war on our freedoms & so that our Constitution will again flourish.

    Social issues are varied & vital, This is one twain will likely never meet. Economics, on the other hand, is fact & figures that are undeniably shared

    Stale bread beats the hell out of starvation.(mold & all)