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What do You Believe?

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  1. No Phil shouldn’t accept gay marriage

    And neither should Utah.

    The fact is gay marriage should never have ever come to the table. Bringing gay marriage to the table implies that homosexual lifestyle is normal like everyone else’s relationships. It is not normal. It is abnormal. it is deviant. Whether you are a Christian or not the fact remains that the natural order of nature is that a male couples with a female. And please don’t refer to the periodic homosexual green monkey. Animals engage in incest too–because they are animals. We are not.

    There are two types in this country who have allowed this absolute nonsense. You have the gay community itself which is the very small minority. Then you have its allies. College students. Media. Hollywood. Progressives who believe themselves to be evolved by pretending that they are just fine with homosexuality. Piers Morgan stating that he would be just fine if his son was gay. That is pure rubbish. He would not be fine. It would be unnatural to be fine.

    The homosexual movement to marriage is just one piece of the puzzle for why this nation is collapsing. And it is collapsing. It is part of the “accept all” movement that has funneled our country into the breakdown. I don’t have to prove my point. Newtown proves it. Colorado proves it. You have taught children that their are no absolutes and no boundaries. And now they are walking into schools with guns and opening fire.

    Phil Robertson was right. We need to stop pretending that the gay lifestyle is also normal when it certainly is not. They should follow the pattern of other deviants and keep it to themselves.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  2. I’m afraid that I ‘was’ one of those you referred to that was quick to defend what but not how he said….With all the media attention I was forced to think about what ‘really’ happened here…A man that stands strong & relentless for what what he believes. particularity his faith, is a rarity even for self proclaimed Conservatives. There’s a lot of us ‘Fair weather Christians’ out here…& so grateful that we’re still a work in progress & Phil is an example that we can do better. And must if we are to have quality of life.

    Less altruistic, but very possible, it drains attention from Obama Care & Benghazi etc. and other issues that confront us…

    It is my hope that I will ‘try harder’ & use the Phil’s, Tebo’s & Cathy’s as inspiration while teaching my Grandchildren.

    Thanks, Joe