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Twisted version of the Bible story told from a pro-homosexual perspective

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  1. Our society is being transformed to abandon our traditional core values and this is just an “in your face” result of that demoralization.

    This is a matter of moral economics. You have a blue widget that in the past everyone wanted and accepted. But your competition came up with a pink widget. Over time the seller of the pink widget advertises aggressively yet you do nothing to counter his ads. After a while, to your disgust, people are accepting or even buying the pink widget! You cannot claim he has violated the law of the land simply because he out advertises you. You still believe your blue widget is the right color but the social acceptance has changed.

    Is that a violation of the First Amendment or your sensibility and core values?

    Ask yourself, would such a play have been acceptable even 30 years ago? Would it have had a chance to succeed? Would anyone have dared even putting it on? Today it is fashionable to restrict what can be displayed on the front lawn of many Civic buildings commercial establishment, and who knows what else. So why are we surprised that these “relics” of our core values are not only fended off as politically incorrect but now aggressively assaulted, ridiculed, and mocked?

    We are to blame. Yes us! For all that has happened. We could have stopped it long ago by actively standing against Social Demoralization when it was “young and vulnerable”. The root cause of all of our social ills isn’t because of what “they” are doing but because we have done little of nothing – as a society – to stop them! Now that we are finally waking up and are appalled at what we see, and feel we need to do something about it, we have a very long and hard row to hoe. We must focus our attention on re educating our nation one individual at a time until we can take back Social Righteousness!

    No, this isn’t the First Amendment being violated. As indecent, and even Blasphemous as it is, so long as they do not break the law they have a right to express their opinions. The proper way to stop this kind of thing is to not “buy it”! How long will the play continue if no one goes to see it? The Free Moral Economy is no different than the Free Market Economy in terms of success.

    Our Constitution and our Republic cannot continue in a society that has no morals!

  2. The simple reason gay activists attack all traditions and Christianity is that neither support their perverted lifestyles. Increasingly, it is becoming more and more apparent that with our Islamic president … any and all attacks against the Christian faith are supported. Personally, what consenting adults do behind closed doors is not my concern. However, it does become my concern when my church, and what it stands for are smeared on a regular basis … in the name of free speech, religious expression. I wonder what Obama would say if Islam were smeared in such a fashion … imagine – Muhammad, Khadija, Abbas etc. portrayed in this fashion. If it is unacceptable to other religions … it is unacceptable to Christianity. Freedom of religion does not mean freedom to attack Christianity without any consequences. Wrong is wrong and these cretins definitely crossed the line!

  3. Monet’s Lilies, Gorman’s SW Indian Women or Cubist renditions…..each a personal (choice)….While you are correct about shared feelings of blasphemy, to enter or not to enter the theater is also a personal choice.

    What a shame that Mr Richie doesn’t use his organizational & motivational skills to promote restoration of our Constitution by searching for, vetting candidates & helping elect those that will honor all of the Constitutional Amendments that our Nation was built on.