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4 thoughts on “There’s Always a Scrooge

  1. Derrell Poole

    Great piece Brian! Very astute – and entertaining.

    I’m a scrooge. I don’t hate the joy of Christmas and I look forward to “Its a Wonderful Life”, “A Christmas Story”, and a few others of vintage – when the channels have the wherewithal to play them. And I send out cards and give stuff to my kids. But I got sick of the monkey-business a long time ago and despise what the holiday has become – the forsaking of our core values.

    Thanks for a great piece!

    1. Brian Drake

      You don’t sound like a scrooge to me! Nobody will blame you for disliking what this season has become.

  2. Jan Brown

    Guess you’ll just have to go back next year..I do hope & pray for his recovery. He must be miserable. Really appreciate your sharing this. It’s great the way you & your ‘mob’ gave testimony of your faith. As long as there are those like you, we really do have a fighting chance to overcome this ‘mess’ we’re in. Praise Him!!

    1. Brian Drake

      It will take all of us, doing little things along the way, to get us out of the mess. This is where we need to learn from the progressives. They concentrate on small areas of operation throughout the country and 30 years later we have hope and change. But we don’t have 30 years to take it back.

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