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2 thoughts on ““Rendition”, Fact or Fiction? Totalitarian Government is Here

  1. Derrell Poole

    Bob, as usual, you say succinctly what I profoundly agree with! I read the latest issue of “Imprimis” the pamphlet published by Hillsdale College. I don’t know if you receive it or not but this issue talked about the duality of our government and how all of this Socialist policy is vested in the Administrative Bureaucracy – something not one of us “We the people” have any direct voice in. We do not elect their heads of departments.

    It is my sincere belief that once Obamacare is fully implemented that all it will take is a Tyrant to head that Bureaucracy and we will BE a Socialist State! Oh wait. We already have a Tyrant!

    Thank you!

    1. Bob Russell Post author

      I don’t get imprimis but I am familiar with Hillsdale and need to get their pamphlet. Thanks for the kind words. I wish more people would take heed and stop doing the dem vs. repub thing because that is destroying our nation. Many see it but refuse to change themselves. As long as people are willing to tolerate the parties the way they are nothing is going to change.

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