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Obama Wants To Extend Unemployment Benefits Again!

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  1. I realize, from personal experience, that being unemployed packs quite a wallop to a household. Still as in all good things, this, too, must come to an end. Adults must be adults and take some responsibility for themselves & their family. With a little effort, one can learn to prepare dinner without the help of Mr ‘Jack’ or the Kentucky Colonel. Mr. Coffee makes a cup of brew as robust as Starbucks. I know that the vast majority filled the early days out of work, hitting the pavement, sending out tons of resumes & being rejected. It’s so super easy to become lethargic & stop looking…while finding that ‘it’s not so bad’ just to get a check. Worse than the unemployed losing their pride….I’M PAYING FOR IT !!! And I have my own to care for….Hey, 2 part time jobs are better than nada….