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Obama Is *Mostly* OK With The Budget Agreement

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  1. I’m sure he is ok with it. He’s the head of a diseased body. Here is what should have been discussed with the budget that no one wants to say out loud–especially our “conservative” representatives

    The entitlement spending is the major issue that is killing the nation as the entitled are only growing. The old adage of leaving a feeder out
    will only attract more squirrels. That issue is based on breakdown of morality.

    This, of course is cowardice, on both sides, especially the GOP which claims to fall as conservatives. You don’t have to be a writer of fiction to see that the more who run to
    the entitlement well, the sooner the well will be dry. The adults in the room need to tell little Johnny that he can’t expect society to
    support him.

    First there are the illegal alien benefits. Those
    need to be ended. There should be one increase in budget on illegals–means to deport them. As by definition they are illegal. Any
    defense of this is anti reason.

    I was a former medical provider before I turned writer. Would you like to know what the professional disabled usually is? Now I preface this with I know it isn’t ALL of them–but it’s most. It is a 45-60 year old who has decided he has done
    enough to support himself and now due to chronic obesity, chronic pain related to obesity or general non specified anxiety, believes we should take care of him. Including all healthcare no questions asked.

    No one in Congress wishes to address the above due to unpopularity from voters within these very classes–the large number of Hispanics who
    support illegals and the professional entitled classes of all colors who are growing every year.

    When someone decides to make the big
    boy decisions in Congress–only then do we have a chance at undoing this mess. If that day never happens expect a total collapse of our country
    in the near future.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE.

  2. WHEW ! What a relief to find that “he” approves of something that those we hired according to that old outdated Constitution to do ‘the people’s business’ have deemed worthy. Now if only ‘he’ would!!!

    No,it isn’t a jewel to be treasured, however I believe it may well hold us together until we get that ‘jewel. IF this goes through the business owners will have some stability & can make their plans….and it seems very possible that this much too far extended ‘unemployment will come to an end. And very important…DOD will get some money back for our National Defense….Yes, most of that sequester will hang around, but this is a start…Obama has yet to pass a budget & chances are, he won’t….Rome wasn’t built in a day…Our day will come & until it does we just have to cowboy up & keep our powder dry.