Minnesota DFL Hit with Huge fine, $100K, for Illegal Campaign Coordination

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  • Why is the fine for illegal contributions less than the total of the illegal contribution(s) rather than a MULTIPLE of that illegally contributed sum? Without making the punisment suitably excessive, the punishment is merely a “cost of doing business”.

    Additionally, the beneficiaries of this illegal scheme are still in office, contravening the will of the citizens.

  • Democrats are always willing to buy an election one way or another. “A fine, ahhh… The cost of stealing freedom!” What is that to their sugar daddy (soros).

    Nothing is more dispicable than liars, cheaters, and child molesters!

  • “They cheated, they won, but at least they are being held accountable now.” -Republican State Chairman Keith Downey.

    They cheated, they won.

    There I fixed it.