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House GOP Has Nothing to Offer Conservatives

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  1. Dear Jan,

    Thanks for the vote of confidence in my opinion. I’m not always right (for details, contact my wife) but I do try to give the issue more than a little thought.

    I remain convinced House GOP leadership put re-election ahead of principle in this instance. It was a sellout that was not necessary. A continuing resolution would have kept the government running without increasing taxes (fees) and spending.

    Not one Republican congressman from VA voted against this travesty.

    Conservatives need to stop considering themselves Republicans.

    Please don’t let our current difference of opinion prevent you from reading in the future.

    Merry Christmas.

    • Neva-Eva, I totally enjoy your articles. Besides, a difference of opinions is necessary to jump start ‘self-evaluation’ of one’s own…Actually, you serve to ‘validate’ my own feelings for the most part. Thanh goodness you aren’t perfect!!! I’d for sure feel inferior then!! 🙂

      Sadly, it’s true that ‘re-election’ take priority over duty…guess it’s the self preservation thing….TO SERVE seems to take a different meaning just prior to elections. I don’t mind if on occasion my representation has a different opinion, but darned if I want to be ignored!!!

      I’m a registered Republican , but have seen such a variety of “Conservatives” I’m not at all sure what one is other than NOT a Liberal. I believe it’s, in part, for this reason there is so much damaging division within the Party. Ah well, can’t fix it all today…

      May you Christmas be a Blessed One, full of Grace

    • Just heard Sen Ayotte * say that part of this budget deal includes …cutting retirement pay of military for all of those now receiving it as well as future And, only ‘new’ retirees from Federal Civil Service will see less than currant.

      Guess I shouldn’t be so quick to form an opinion, but seems like ‘stuff’ just dribbles out & most after the fact. Maybe ‘lousy’ was too kind of a word for me to use after all : )

  2. You’re Right!!!This is, at best, a lousy bill! Perhaps this is the time to recall the adage LOSE THE BATTLE, WIN THE WAR….taking some comfort in that our defense funds got a little infusion of funds, shutdowns that would be more devastating than the last are avoided & not an issue on the budge ‘discussions’ looming. And, (I understand) that about 70% of sequester cuts were left in tact. While this icing won’t cover the cake, Paul Ryan said it well, “You cannot govern from the minority”…..There will never be a time of total satisfaction by all. The GOP is built on a good foundation that allows it to sway or give a little & weather storms & remain standing & strong. The windows in our building that are shattered are absolutely rigid & break. These windows are unable or unwilling to allow opinions other than their own. There is a mess to clean up & Ryan’s broom is pretty worn out, but do believe he’s doing his best.

    I wrote to Ryan with my ideas (none of which are evidenced) But, I, like him, tried.

    Michael, I think this is the first time I’ve veered from your thinking even a little & it seems a shade uncomfortable….I appreciate you & hope you keep on a doin’ what you do so well.