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One thought on ““Duck Dynasty” Stars Join Cast Of Faith Based Film

  1. Charles Hurst

    This may be true they do have the right to employ him or not. But there is a greater point here.
    The homosexual community has made a great effort in recent years not to just gain toleration which most were willing to do but wants to shove their agenda down the huge majority that is not gay.
    Homosexuality is a deviant lifestyle. The gay “rights'” movement wishes for all of us to celebrate their lifestyle. Examples? They want it taught in schools to the point where one school book featured two homosexual penguins as a guise that “this is normal too.” Few years ago. They want to strip Master Sergeant Monk of position because he told his lesbian commander he did not believe in the homosexual cause. They propagate it as normal when in fact it is not normal–it is deviant. It is unnatural. Yes certain animals at times engage in homosexuality. They also engage in incest. We don’t. We are humans–some of us who believe God created.
    Phil was fired because he states out loud his opposition to the lifestyle. As most of us if we were honest and not afraid of scrutiny would agree. Many go along with this nonsense of the gay movement because they are afraid of social repercussion. And no I do not believe Piers Morgan would be just fine if his son told him he was gay like Piers pontificated.
    As a writer, sorry, I too am not interested in propagating this lifestyle which I find unnatural and deviant. Good for Phil for standing up and stating out loud what a great deal of America is too weak knee’d to address.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon.
    And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

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