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4 thoughts on “We Have A Lot More Work To Do

  1. Jerry T

    All politicians serve the people and that is undeniable. The trouble with that is that “The People” are served as the main course. We are their Thanks Giving turkeys and Christmas hams along with every celebratory feast in between. The people are the Eloy in the political dining room. It will never change until the grass roots of America spawns the honest leadership that shouts a voice that will echo across our land. You know lets all be honest about this. If you look into the eyes of an educated person who commands the respect of his position and tell him/her “sir/mam what you are doing is not sustainable and should be changed.” nothing ever will! Now you look at that same person and tell them “Look you asshole I am tired of your scamming illegal bull shit that’s hurting my family and destroying our nation. If you don’t change your thieving lying sorry ass ways I am going to drag you sorry ass out behind the barn for a discussion. Now if you spoke to them in a way they could understand how we really feel about things, you may get their attention. These people are all insulated from everyday Americans and our reality. If Barack Obama was standing right in front of me just how long do you think it would take me to tell him he is full of shit? Whats less than a Nano-second? He may send a thrill up that clown Mathews leg but not up mine, but he sure can make the hair on the back of my neck stand tall with anger with his lies and antics.

    1. Chris Vaca Post author

      Jerry you are not alone, there are plenty of people who would love to let loose on Obama, me included.

  2. Jan Brown

    Loved what you did with “OBAMA”…..there is a lot more work to do…and this time it means WE the people have A LOT of work to make right the wrongs this administration has cursed us with. We all must learn from mistakes that have been made even some of our own. We must recognize that our ‘personal’ ideal candidates are not always some one else’s..and none of them walk on water!! Do the candidates understand that “to serve” means to serve the people & not self service…We have had a ‘personality,slick talker so should recognize that bling does not guarantee leadership…and unless you plan to crawl in bed with a candidate, it’s not necessary to fall in love or even like him/her.

    For now, let’s not be blind sided with Immigration “Reform” that will allow millions of criminals to share in the liberties & bounty that WE have worked for. (Just now BO just said he was pushing forward on making Amnesty & Reform (before) January a done deal.

    1. Chris Vaca Post author

      Well said Jan, I think he’s going to have a tough time getting much done before the 2014 elections, and after he loses the Senate it’s goodby Obama.

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